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Aljowda Almatena Company
We offer a wide range of quality medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, nutritional supplements and over-the-counter medicines
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Agencies for specialized international companies
We are proud to be exclusive agents for the best international companies
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Integrated Services
We have well-established national distribution network that enables us to deliver products and equipment to our clients fast (within a day) safely
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Why Aljowda Almatena Company?

The best company in the field of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and nutritional supplements

Today we are recognized as one of the leading companies in pharmaceuticals, medicines, medical equipment, nutritional supplements, and OTC distribution in the MENA region. We have well-established national distribution network that enables us to deliver products and equipment to our clients fast (within a day) safely, while maintaining the highest quality. We are committed to providing the finest products that meet international quality standards.

Our services

medical drugs

The company provides a group of medical drugs from the best international companies

medical equipment

The company provides specialized medical equipment from the best specialized international companies

Nutritional supplements

The company provides the services of equipping health buildings and hospitals with the necessary equipment and supplies in full

Why Aljowda Almatena Company the best?

We put the customer first

We provide the required quickly and appropriately, while maintaining the quality of the products

highest standards

Our products meet the highest standards in the healthcare industry, international and local quality standards by a team of highly qualified professionals.

More than 800 medicines available

We have a wide range of high quality pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements.

More than a decade of experience

We have more than a decade of experience in the supply and distribution of medicines and medical equipment, and we know all the most appropriate practices and the most efficient and effective medicines through research and study.

We provide support and assistance

We provide support, assistance and guidance to our clients (doctors, pharmacists and health professionals) as needed.

We work with passion

We work with passion to provide treatment to both the rich and the less fortunate at the best prices available because we all deserve to live healthy and healthy lives.

Our products

Our generic medicine portfolio addresses all the primary treatment or therapeutic areas: women’s health, analgesics, cardiovascular treatment, medicine against bacterial and fungal infections, central nervous system pharmaceuticals, gastro-intestinal drugs, urological products, and dietary supplements in addition to other medicines you may need. The medicines we provide cover the most of common illnesses. Aljowda Almatena is continuously working to ensure that everyone has access to generic drugs without leaving anyone behind

Our agencies

One of the best specialized international companies. Solid Quality Company provides a wide range of medicines, medical equipment and nutritional supplements with international standards.

We offer our services to more than

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Medicines and equipment

Our dedicated team

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Exclusive Agencies

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Safe, effective, and efficient products are critical for betterment of the patient care. This is why we exclusively partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers with a proven track record in developing the best products for the public. When it comes to safety, our principle dictates that the medicine or product must be delivered in the safest manner possible.

our partners

Education Efforts

Aside from training internal staff, we’re working to support healthcare professionals, doctors, and pharmacists to keep them updated on the most advanced treatments available. Once we provide the products in the market, we present and educate them on how each product or treatment must be used and prescribed effectively and efficiently, including guiding them through the process of researching and following clinical records of past treatments. All of which helps them choose the right treatment for their patients.

About company

A leading Libyan company in the field of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and nutritional supplements in the Middle East and North Africa.

Contact us

Address : Libya, Tripoli, Tajoura

Mobile:  +218913245701
Tel: +218913245701
Email: info@aljowdapharma.com