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At Aljowda Almatena, we’re passionate and committed to improving public health and making the world healthier with more effective and efficient care. We all work together as one body focusing on our vision to make life better. Our clients, employees, partners, and communities are our highest priority. Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We believe that their well-being and satisfaction is the most important thing among all. Thus, consistently providing excellent customer service & high-quality products that meet the international quality standards is our devotion towards our customers & committed to improving it every day. Intrinsically, we will continue to provide the treatment needed to both the rich and the less fortunate, for we all deserve to live well & healthy life. Our vision and goals are limitless. We endeavor to be one of the main contributors to take the Libyan healthcare industry to the next level by working patiently together with our partners, healthcare professionals, organizations and stakeholders.

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A leading Libyan company in the field of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and nutritional supplements in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Address : Libya, Tripoli, Tajoura

Mobile:  +218913245701
Tel: +218913245701
Email: info@aljowdapharma.com